Presentations are part of award-winning strategy – Mark Johnson brings home the BE2 gold

There have been the Bloggies and the Vloggies, the Emmys and the Oscars, but have you thought of submitting your presentations for global social media awards? That’s what SlideShare community member Mark Johnson FAIA did, and brought home two coveted BE2 awards.

Mark Johnson, FAIABE2 is a social media advocacy organization for the built environment. Founded in 2008 as Be2Camp, BE2 held the world’s first barcamp style event for the construction industry in London. Since then BE2 has organized over 15 barcamp styled events, as well as BE2Talks showcasing thought leaders in the built environment. BE2Awards are currently the only social media awards for the built environment.

BE2Awards are global, and voting is open to the public. We were very excited to learn that Mark received not one, but two BE2 awards for incorporating SlideShare presentations into his social media content strategy. We’ve written about Mark’s approach to social media and presentation content. Now his reach has increased exponentially, thanks to the BE2 community.

Here’s what BE2Awards had to say about Mark’s winning submission for Best AEC PR/Marketing Campaign:

“…(recognizes) the pioneering social media marketing initiatives he completed in 2012 for Formica Group, a global brand in the AEC Industry. His work and collaboration is documented in the presentation ‘Social Media Marketing for the AEC Industry’ at This case study will be featured in Business to Business Marketing Management: A Global Perspective, a college textbook by Jim Blythe and Alan Zimmerman, to be released in early 2013.”

and for Best Education and Learning Project:

“…his presentations on SlideShare leverage his years of experience as a designer and marketer to present informative and inspiring case studies and how-to lessons. Void of hype or speculation, Mark provides real world examples of social media at work. Many of his presentations are replicable; they serve as reproducable plans for the AEC professional who desires to maximize online time and effort.”

Congratulations, Mark, and thanks for inspiring the SlideShare community!

Have you won an award for your use of presentations? We’d love to hear about it – please leave a comment below.

12 Responses to “Presentations are part of award-winning strategy – Mark Johnson brings home the BE2 gold”

  1. Mika Lofton

    So awesome Mark! Congratulations and keep up the great work!

  2. waldek

    dzi?kuj? ale y\to nie dla mnie-nie mam zamiaru p?aci? za moje us?ugi i przestrzega? nie moich regulaminów powodzenia jam jest ?cie?k? swojej drogi

  3. Marcel

    Great achievement, although I think the presentation is quite stuffed with information. Nevertheless nice to watch.

  4. Mark Johnson

    Thank all, for the kind remarks about the Be2Awards and the Formica Case Study presentation. Yes, it is stuffed with information! This slide deck is best as a live presentation with Q&A. I’m available to consult with companies who need this expertise and would be glad to present at relevant trade shows and education venues.

  5. Airport Taxi

    we been doing Seo for while but we been missing the real trends in marketing which is real content sharing through slideshare

  6. Linda Vorderer

    Mark, I recently attended a seminar on social media at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. (I’m an alum) I teach high school art, and AP Studio Art. What advice would you give to high school students who plan to go on to art school? We have a 1:1 laptop environment, so I could have them use some of the tools you showed, such as sketchup. May I show them your presentation as an educational tool about social media and self-promotion? How would you get an artist started in all this? (sorry…..too many questions>)

  7. Mark Johnson

    Hi Linda,
    Please feel free to share any of my presentations from SlideShare with your students. I have a few more ideas for you.
    – SketchUp is a great start. This free video tutorial library is a great resource. Mike Tadros, the instructor is a good friend.
    – A cool new online app is RE.VU. It creates an infographic resume and every time I send mine to someone, it excites them. LinkedIn is a bit dull but RE.VU pulls your LinkedIn data into its site and transforms it into a customizable infographic. This could be a neat assignment. Notice all my social media sites can be accessed there via the icons.
    – If you scroll to the bottom of my LinkedIn profile, notice that is embedded. I haven’t created a Behance portfolio of my work but your students could as an addition to their LinkedIn profile:
    – Here is an interesting use of I decided to use it to create a visual resume (on iPad). When I used this for an interview with an agency, they had never seen anything like it! I decided to make a presentation about it and it went viral…32,000 views and SlideShare included it in their blog. This could be a fun assignment for your students. Here is the presentation and my Pinterest profile (the first four boards are my resume)
    – One more idea: I wanted to go to the South by Southwest festival in Austin last April (SXSW – Music, Film, Interactive). I didn’t make it but decided to follow it closely on Twitter and the SXSW Website. I created a Pinterest board with my favorite events from each day. It was a unique way of following an event and documenting my interpretation of it.

    I hope all this helps!