Scoop those slides! Curation publishing platform now integrates with SlideShare, the publishing-by-curation platform, is now integrated with SlideShare! uses our API to let you curate SlideShare presentations which are relevant to your interests. You can now publish them as embedded presentations on your topic page and share them with all your social media channels.

You want curators to find and scoop your presentations. By adding your presentations to their topic pages, content curators are endorsing your work, giving it context, spreading it to their social networks, and getting it in front of interested audiences.

Get more views by scooping your presentations on your own topic pages, and suggesting your presentations to other curators.

If you curate content for an online magazine, with a couple of clicks you can include SlideShare presentations. Create a topic in, then curate and add items to that topic. Our integration now makes it easy to include SlideShare presentations, as well.

If you’re already a user, click on your toolbar widget to scoop a presentation, right from the SlideShare page. New to Take the guided tour.

We are always looking for new and exciting ways to get more viewers to see SlideShare presentations. Let us know in the comments what you think about Scooping presentations.

9 Responses to “Scoop those slides! Curation publishing platform now integrates with SlideShare”

  1. Andrés

    Good, because this union, we as users can get the full potential of these two pages, with their tools help us to improve our work.

  2. Volker Buntrock

    Hi, this is very nice. Is there a plan to offer the service one day in other languarges like German or French? I like to us it but all my documents on SlideShare are in German languarge and all my reader are from Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Lichtenstein.

    Thanks for response