Google+ Hangouts SlideShare App

Google+ Hangouts are an ideal place for people to share experiences online just like they do in real life. Now, sharing slides live is even better with the Google+ Hangouts SlideShare App. Whether you’re in a conference presentation or collaborating with a group, this new app allows you and your friends & colleagues around the world to present and discuss SlideShare content in real time.

Click the big red button to launch Google+ Hangouts with the SlideShare App. You can search and discover a SlideShare presentation, present Face-to-Face-to-Face and change the presentation and presenter at any time during the Hangout.

Now, Google+ is enabling developers to share any hangout app with the entire Google+ community and SlideShare is excited to be one of the featured apps at launch.  Here’s Google’s post for developers interested in their new real time platform.

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31 Responses to “Google+ Hangouts SlideShare App”

  1. Pamela

    Confused — this is an app for which platform? Is this a mobile app, an app inside of Google+, an app on the actual slideshare site?

    Sorry to be dense, perhaps there was more context somewhere else that I missed, or I misread something.

  2. Jordan

    Excellent info, I will share this with my associates. We all love sharing on Google+ and I had no idea about the SlideShare app. Presentations in real time would be great, as some of us operate in different locations.

  3. Fassil Tassew

    This Google + do play great role to discover our real world . I will present my new discovery and willing to show and convince if there are any resstance.
    You are power to the new world.

  4. A A Vyas

    Google + hangout App will certainely be very useful especially for the Professors and Students

  5. Gonçalo

    Isn’t there an easy way to switch from slides to presenter? I just found I have to open the slides and then share the screen, but can’t come back to my face easily but undoing it all and then redoing the slide and share again. My point: I wish I could control the slide presented and come back and forth on slide/face display. Cool feature, huh!?