Spice up your blog with embedded presentations

Is your blog becoming ho hum? Does it need a shot of rocket fuel? Consider embedding a presentation in your next blog post. This is a great way to expand upon your writing. Remember, the presentation doesn’t have to be your own and it doesn’t have to be brand new. In Eric Ries’s recent article “Racism and Meritocracy” Eric embedded Terri Oda’s powerful presentation about gender and technology. The presentation is two years old, but is still relevant and adds substance and depth to Eric’s article.

Let your slideshow work for you
Travel bloggers have all the fun. Just look at this wrap-up of a recent European travel blogger gathering. Here’s a way to spice up your travel blog: put the photos of your next trip into a slideshow and embed it a blog post. You can distribute the url of your slideshow and not fuss with links to individual photos. Plus, with an introduction slide and some thoughtful captions, your photo collection becomes a real show!

Corporate bloggers can save time
If you are a contributor to your company’s blog, save yourself some time by letting an embedded presentation provide rich content and depth. Check out how the global brand Formica embedded this presentation by Mark Johnson and Eric Schimelpfenig in a recent blog post on Formica.com. If the blog’s author had included all of the material contained in the presentation, the post would have been a mile long! Instead, all of the information is right there, in a well-organized format.

You’ll find more information about embedding presentations in our Forums. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about embedding presentations.

3 Responses to “Spice up your blog with embedded presentations”

  1. Mark Johnson FAIA

    Thank you SlideShare for including the iPad + Apps Presentation that Eric and I worked so hard on. We loved doing that project and have presented it LIVE at several recent trade shows and conferences. SlideShare is a new find for me and yet another way to share e-Learning with a broader audience through social media. My e-Learning blog site, SocialMediaSoup.com, is still under construction, but my plan is to embed all my presentations hosted on SlideShare within that blog, just as you’re suggesting in this article on your blog!

  2. Talvi

    Sorry, but static presentations seem very dull indeed to me, wherever or however they are presented.