SlideShare Infographic on Content Marketing

Behold, SlideShare’s first infographic. We thought it would be of interest to further visualize how SlideShare is growing, how professional our community is in comparison to other social networks, the rising importance of content marketing and a little on how it engages our community.

Produced in collaboration with ColumnFive, this is also an example of how SlideShare provides distribution and analytics for infographics. Please help us share it.

19 Responses to “SlideShare Infographic on Content Marketing”

  1. Bart Hufen

    I’ve been using Slideshare for a few years now and I love it!

    I think it would have been an even more interesting slide if you would not just portray the result of all Slideshare presentations, but an infographic about the most effective tips & tricks of the most viewed presentations. I know you did a newsletter about it once, but maybe you could develop an Infographic for it?

  2. Brian Lambert

    Can this be turned sideways so the long graphic can be scrolled in a panoramic view?

  3. Michael Fox

    So let me get this straight – this info graphic is based on stats from SlideShare and does not necessarily represent best practice, right?

  4. Mikko Rindell

    I understood it like you did Michael. So that the figures represent the average use of all Slideshare users. It would be interesting to see figures on best practices as well!

  5. Stephen Kirk

    Keep it short and sweet – seeing those numbers brings it into sharp perspective. under 30 makes so much sense but 33% under 10 is amazing – must try harder… many thanks for this.

  6. Jack Roddy

    New “Bigfoot” looks very good so far. I might use a bit less material on each slide for my audience, but this is something I want to implement. YES

  7. Nancy Duarte

    Interesting stats. I agree that many of the slides on slideshare are documents and not necessarily slides used as an effective visual aide. But for me, the slide count is low. In a 40 minute talk, I’ll use up to 140 slides. Look at Hollywood movies. Scenes change in almost 30-second increments. Each time your visual backdrop (your slides) change, the audience will be visually re-lured which helps them stay engaged.

  8. Lori Byron

    I’ve always felt that Slideshare was *my* secret weapon for content marketing. When I worked as a marketing director for an architecture/engineering firm, I posted presentations on Slideshare, and then embedded them on the company’s blog, too. It was very effective in creating and communicating the “expert/advisor” position that we wanted to convey. And, best of all, people contacted our firm after seeing some of our presentations! (That seldom happens in the A/E industry.)

    To Nancy Duarte’s comment about the number of slides, I recall reading an earlier stat from Slideshare that said the most viewed presentations on the site were also some of the longest, well upwards of 40 slides. (LOVE your books, Nancy.)

  9. Kathleen Smith

    Great to see the infographic. I have been using Slideshare for over 4 years now and recommend it t everyone I can think of. It is vital for content marketing!

  10. IT Student

    That seems very useful way to present…I like it :)

    but, Can I make like this in MS Power Point??!

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