SlideShare moves to HTML5: your slides will work on all mobile devices now

Since the time since we launched, SlideShare has been using Flash to display your slides. When we first built SlideShare, it was impossible to build something like SlideShare without Flash. But the web has finally caught up!

Today, we are thrilled to announce that we are ditching Flash to move to HTML5. All slides uploaded from today on will be converted to HTML5. As before, they will faithfully reproduce what is in the original Powerpoint, Keynote, PDF, document or any of the 28 formats we support. But there are some big advantages to having your presentations in HTML5.

What does this mean for your slides?

  • Your slides will display flawlessly on an iPhone, iPad, Android and any other mobile platform. You can send a link to friends and colleagues, and they can view it on the go regardless of what device they are using.
  • Your slides will now load 30% faster. On the web, faster is better.
  • Your slides will be a part of the web. No plugins or downloads are required to view them.

A mobile web app that works everywhere (not an app in an App Store)

We did not just rebuild how presentations display. We are also launching a new mobile site – so you can view interesting new presentations or just waste a few minutes browsing presentations your friend sent you.

We considered an app approach (build a SlideShare app in Apple & Android stores) at the beginning of the project, but moved to creating a full mobile website, since we wanted to reach the most number of users with our mobile offering. If you send someone a link to a presentation and they have to download an app to view it, that’s not a pleasant user experience. We want presentations on mobile devices to be accessible to as many users as possible.

Who will benefit from this development

Every SlideShare user will benefit from having slides in HTML5. Whether you are a teacher who wants your students to view their slides (some of who are using iPads), a conference speaker who wants the audience to follow along with the slides, a salesperson who wants to show your sales slides on a mobile device, or any SlideShare user who wants to send a link to a friend without worrying about whether they can view the content or not – this change will help you.

This project has been the biggest engineering effort in SlideShare’s history. Our SlideShare engineering team has been working on this around-the-clock for the last six months. We have learned over the past five years that people are particular about how their presentations look. Getting the fonts and the text placement to display exactly right across all supported browsers was a real engineering challenge. So we’re happy to finally be able to see this on

We hope you like this move. Tell us in the comments below what you think.

79 Responses to “SlideShare moves to HTML5: your slides will work on all mobile devices now”

  1. Barb Smith

    Rock on! The world is becoming a more ‘mocial’ place [A world where mobile, social and local forms of communication mix and mingle with email in new and unexpected ways,” according to CIO Whitepapers]!

  2. spencer

    A big thank you to all involved. This is an REAL evolution of the platform and will really help presenters and slideshare alike.. big news indeed!

  3. HTML5

    It’s about time you guys ditched the slow, buggy crap known as Flash.


  4. Andy Piper

    Great news, and I’m pleased to see it at last! Although, as a Pro user, I would have appreciated a little notice – and it’s interesting that you’ve announced this just as Speaker Deck goes into open beta…

    A key question for my use of Slideshare is whether or not the shortcode embeds on hosted blogs will now be HTML5? there’s no obvious FAQ about this change anywhere.

    I’m noticing some oddness with fonts now, is that because slides are not using embedded fonts? Before, I’ve almost always converted to PDF before uploading, to ensure that my slides look mostly the same as when I’ve presented from Keynote with the fonts I’ve chosen.

  5. william savola

    Can YouTube websites with an “image” attached to an audio-only music selection be viewed ?

  6. Alfredo Vazquez

    I do not see that my slides will upgrade to hear the music embedded on the presentation like authorstream can do. This is a great technology drawback in your system.
    I will appreciate if you can upgrade to play the attached wav files in the presentations.
    With Best Regards!

  7. Augusto Pascutti

    I have no doubts it has been a great challenge to overcome all the possible and impossible issues related to converting a simple slideshow into HTML and I have no doubts that this “update” was the right thing to do.
    Congratulations to all involved people.
    And lets work to push the web further.

  8. Benjamin Woodard

    @Aaron Your existing slides will eventually be converted into HTML5, you do not need to do anything at all!

    @Barb @spencer Thanks!

    @Andy Files currently being uploaded to SlideShare will have the shortcode embeds on hosted blogs will be in HTML5. Files uploaded prior to our HTML5 launch will not have the shortcode embeds on hosted blogs will not be in HTML5

    And concerning the oddness with fonts, could you send me a link to ben at slideshare dot com with the presentation that you are having issues with?

    @William could you explain what you are looking to do a bit more so I can better help you? Send me a message to ben at slideshare dot com

  9. Benjamin Woodard

    @diegovis What version of Firefox and what OS are you using when the navigation buttons are not appearing? Could you post the link to the presentation that has this issue?

  10. TP

    HTML5 takes us 10 years back in time, prior to when Flash brought elegant layout and media control to the web. It displays differently on different browsers and never quite works in a way you can depend on for professional presentations. All to please the Apple fanboys . . . sigh . . .

  11. Markus

    @ TP – I think you need to upgrade from IE4, Netscape, Firefox 2, or whatever it is you are still using. Your “Apple fanboys” comment is ridiculous and tells exactly how little you know of these things, and how awkward your tech perspective is.

  12. Sander

    Any chance at all that you’ll convert all the existing slides at some point in the future? There’s a whole host of existing slides which I can’t access but would love to read.

  13. joost

    @TP: a 320-pixel screen is different from a 1920-pixel monitor. A touch device is different from a mouse. A screen reader has it’s own set of properties. These differences are real and won’t go away by hand-waving or proclaiming they are not “professional”. HTML5 is ideally suited to render the optimum version for the device it’s on. It’s open, can be controlled by javascript, does not have to be compiled and can be more easily distributed on server architecture than binary Flash files. The advantages are just overwhelming and have nothing to do with fanboyism.

  14. diegovis

    @Benjamin I’m using FF 7.0 (but it was the same with 6.0.2) on Windows 7 Ent. Edition.
    Problems are with every html5 presentations.
    FYI, with IE 9 there are no problems.

  15. Jon

    Well done. It’s time to move beyond flash as a technology – it was always a bad idea at worst, and a design crutch at best, even before the iPhone.

  16. Dave K

    No standard – no compatibility – I can’t see why people are getting so amped up – IE8 and belo can’t play it – period – my iphone is very limited and when you want to do anything sophisticated, it will be impossible – IMHO we are going in reverse as the HTML5 standard, has no object oriented system to work with databases, and sophisticated interactivity – try to create an app that uses this slide system and keeps it in sync with a video playing on the same page – no go – sorry not impressed yet –

  17. Chris

    The desktop version of the website is done in XHTML, not HTML5. IE 6 /7 /8 are still a large market share that prevent you from actually being able to convert presentations to HTML5.

    As a SlideShare user, these changes do not benefit me. On all of your XHTML presentations, I’m noticing anti-aliasing issues and am unable to go full screen. Converting my presentations to this format would prevent me from being able to use SlideShare in a professional setting. It’s good enough for mobile but not for a desktop client.

    The mobile version of the site (which actually has the HTML5 doctype!) is a step in the right direction. Navigating from slide to slide could be much better. HTML5 does seem like the correct direction for mobile, however, the desktop client is a big step backwards in functionality. Flash with HTML5 alternate content would be a much better approach.

  18. Patrick

    HTML 5 is a huge step backwards now. It might be cross platform, but it acts differently on different platforms. Thus, we are going back to the terrible web design of coding for each browser.

    I have been a software developer for many years doing WPF/Silverlight/Flash/HTML and I will never work on a web site again. Far too much effort for such a little gain. Good luck to your fractured code base.

  19. Ronnie Newton

    About time, I guess, that SlideShare adopted HTML5. I always had reservations about Flash, and while it was a good platform in the previous decade for multimedia-rich applications, the whole WWW experience has moved on to something (potentially) elegant — like HTML5. Hope the transition is painless but fruitful.

  20. hadron

    @Patrick: very good. Since you obviously haven’t kept up with the technology, perhaps you could also spare us your uninformed whining?

  21. nanor380

    una gran noticia amigos sigan trabando de esa manera se lo agradeceremos.

  22. kuallla

    Not to mention the benefit of the huge security improvements by ditching flash.

  23. kishan

    appreciate your work… This will help management students immensely…. Thank You !!!

  24. wladimir jose de freitas.

    Chegou em boa hora, ate estou fazendo ajustes.
    neste momento estou em faze final de construção
    da C.A.M; comunidade de apostadores da mega.
    É uma loteria fantastica que ja sorteou premios
    milhonarios aqui no Brasil.

  25. Joyce

    A couple of years ago when I came upon slideshare there was some beautiful premade slides. Now I don’t know where to find them. Can you hel me out?


  26. BelayhunHailu

    Dear colleagues,
    It is a great leap.
    But you have to also think about the other mobiles which are readily affordable in Africa, other than iphone, Blacjberry and Android.

  27. BelayhunHailu

    Dear partners
    It is a great leap.
    But you have to also think about other mobile devices which are readily affordable in Africa as our common objective is reducing poverty and ensuring food security.

  28. Vesa Linja-aho

    “All slides uploaded from today on will be converted to HTML5.” I just gave it a try and uploaded a set of slides – and it is still in Flash format. Do you mean that you will after some time convert them to html5? When does Slideshare move to html5 completely?

  29. Sakis

    This is great news!

    However, no matter how many slides I tried to load on my iPad they take forever. And I’m on a really fast connection.

    Also, the loading icon is counterproductive since its animation is quite slow. So people will think the slide loads slower that it really does. Use a faster spinning icon, and people will think that the slides don’t load as slow as they currently do. It’s all a matter of perception.

  30. JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

    I sold my iPad that I got for my birthday this year due to the fact that it didn’t play flash! When I learned about the “flash wars” as I call the battle between Apple and Adobe I was appalled so it is nice to see someone coming up with a solution even if it does mean you like everyone else is being “forced” to support “Big Brother”. :) I mean Apple, INC

    I do own an iPhone. Just also love shockwave flash as a designer. Maybe I will get Slideshare now.

  31. José Walter

    Your offer, just look me good news, it will help management students very very usuful, I appreciate your work. Thanks you.

  32. Jehle Manfred

    We have solved this problems 4 months ago with effort for less than a week! No HTML5 needed – no Flash no Silverlight!
    See BCyourPPT or mail me at
    See all Slides from any device, mobile or tablet

  33. smartypooh1

    how to download presentations in my phone samsung GT5350.It is not a smartphone.

  34. Airijos Skelbimai

    Even i want convert my website with HTML5 because loading icon is counterproductive since its animation is quite slow on my website. So my website can become more faster to load on web browser. Please post here some tips for make faster our applications!!

  35. Alex

    Good day. Can you tell me please such thing: from this moment all my pictures with embeded links in uploaded documents are not active. I can’t click on it and the quality of picture is very bad. If it’s possible, how can i resolve this problem? Sorry for my english…

  36. Marcin Czenko

    Lots of noise, uhhs and ahhs and I still cannot embed presentations on my website so that it works on iPad. Huge disappointment !

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