Use QR codes to share your presentation without a projector

We’d be asleep at the wheel if we hadn’t noticed the Twitter attention that Todd Ogasawara has been getting for his article “No Projector? Use QR Code & SlideShare to Share a Presentation on Smartphones.” In a nutshell, Todd describes how he solved the problem of having to give a presentation in a room that doesn’t have a projector. He uploaded his presentation to SlideShare, then created a QR code that points to the presentation. He then printed an image of the QR code and will make that available to the audience. Those attendees who have smartphones can point to the QR code and go right to the presentation on SlideShare. For step by step instructions, see Todd’s article on Social Times.

colorful QR code imageThis is such a smart idea, we want to make sure all of you hear about it. Thanks Todd, and good luck with the presentation. We’d love to see photos of how it all comes together. And thank you, Twitter followers, for retweeting @ToddOgasawara’s idea. Your sharing of his @SocialTimes article on Twitter is what brought it to our attention.

If you’d like to learn more about how QR codes work, take a look at this helpful presentation by Aysegul Kapucu and Rebecca Murphey from University of Central Florida Libraries, “QR Codes in an Academic Setting.”

17 Responses to “Use QR codes to share your presentation without a projector”

  1. Danette True

    A smart idea that is both elegant, inventive and economical! I may use this the next time my projector is MIA. Thank you for sharing.

  2. colin g morris

    Wonderful! really neat and simple. I will try it at my agencies nx creative presntation.
    Todd u will become famous for more than 4 minutes for this….Colin M -Creative Director, LOWE Lintas, Lagos.

  3. Elise Groves

    Very innovative, but how do you make sure everyone is ‘on the same page’, literally.. Imagine if a room full of students all accessed the presentation at slightly different times. Especially if there is sound. Yikes! But I love the concept!!

  4. Joshua Carroll

    @Elisa, I would suggest never putting audio in a presentation if it is meant for open presentation. I would only ever suggest it if it’s something you’re posting online, that people can watch at home or the office. Just my two cents worth.

  5. Donald Nordeng

    Great idea for very short presentations, or impromptu sales meetings where the audience wants to know what you have to say.

    It will also give people an excuse to use their smartphone or tablet or laptop, which could be the kiss of death to your audience’s attention span. Many of the presentations I see are so bad that if I had the slides I would just rather leave.

    If they don’t have a projector, skip the slides and just present. You can give people the link on the way out, which will be cool for them and many will view the slides on their way home which will increase the impact of your message.

  6. K. Gradel

    Great, simple strategy. I have been using this frequently recently, but not just to connect to the presentation slideshow. If the show is embedded in a larger resource (say, a GoogleSite), participants can have more interactive “hands-on” with resources as you work with them. I have found that it is much appreciated, helps those who would otherwise get antsy, and helps build a bridge to the material for future use (while you are there to help finesse their understanding). It really helps when you want to do more interactive stuff with tech in a room where you don’t have access to computers. Brings real meaning to BYOD (bring your own device).

  7. Teacher

    It looks stupid because I would have created a shortened URL and gave to the audience instead for people without a smart phone or apps!!

  8. Richard (UK)

    Some good points from Elise and Donald and props to Todd for the idea. When more people have tablets that will answer Elise’s concern maybe. How about Q/R codes at the end so that people have a link to the content later ?

  9. Mnel

    Great idea, but… how many people do you know that know how to use QR codes, and, even if they do, that have the necessary software running on their mobile phones ?
    I’ve tried to install one in my Sony Ericsson for more than a year without any success.

    The option of sharing the presentation on a smartphone is a god one though. You can share it in SlideShare, or by Bluetooth email or any other method