Welcoming all non-profits to SlideShare Pro

SlideShare has been a hub for nonprofits from the beginning. Some non-profits use it for fundraising, some for creating awareness, some for reaching constituents. They use SlideShare on their own, or in conjunction with their Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and LinkedIn profiles.

When we launched SlideShare Pro last year, nonprofits all over the world asked us about nonprofit pricing. Today, we are pleased to announce a new Pro Annual Plan for Nonprofits, which offers a 50% discount off the regular price for the annual plan. When you go to the Pro plans page, click on “Nonprofit pricing” below the pricing table to get the discount. You will be asked to upload a document showing that you are registered non-profit in your country.

Benefits of going Pro

Each level of Pro account offers your organization access to analytics, private presentation sharing, premium Zipcast meetings, an ad-free channel, and more. We rolled out the new annual pricing last week, and several nonprofits have already signed up, including international organizations like The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Oxfam, to more local organizations like Mercy Home in Chicago, to Alliance for Community Trees in Washington DC. To see more Non-Profits who have gone Pro on SlideShare, go here.

We at SlideShare believe that non-profit organizations have an important role in making the world a better place. Beth Kanter, author of How Non-profits Can Use Social Media, says this about SlideShare Pro:

“Slideshare Pro is a must-have tool for nonprofits that need to build networks and movements by  showcasing their thought leadership and content on specific topics or issue areas.    Slideshare has been critical to my own success as a trainer, blogger, and capacity builder in the nonprofit sector and is well worth the upgrade.”

Details of the discount

  • Regular price for Silver Pro is $228 per year. After 50% discount, it is only $114 per year.
  • Regular price for Gold Pro is $588 per year. After 50% discount, it is only $294 per year.
  • Regular price for Silver Pro is $2988 per year. After 50% discount, it is only $1494 per year.

What are you waiting for? Come join the growing community of nonprofits on SlideShare Pro.


13 Responses to “Welcoming all non-profits to SlideShare Pro”

  1. Ayesha Pathak

    Hi, I have been trying to set up an account for my association and having no luck! The entire procees is very frustrating. Even after uploading our non-profit status certificate I was still being given the regular price. I submitted a ticket , number 15313, to support on July 29 and have yet to hear back from anyone! I tried again today and keep geting put into a loop where every time go to the support link I get logged out of slideshare. We were very excited to get started but now are reconsidering. And why is the only support phone number available an international one? That does not make for good customer support. This is my last try at trying to resolve this issue and then I’m moving on.

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  4. Ben Teoh

    Thanks for your support for nonprofit organisations! We’ll make sure we promote this discount to our networks here in Australia.

    Well done!

  5. Maryellen Grant

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  6. Chris Thompson

    I’m shocked to see the spam in these comments and complaints about non-support going unaddressed. Slideshare could be giving the non-profit discount away for free and it would still not be worth it. My organization will wait until Slideshare gets it’s act together.

  7. Joe Hallissey

    Thanks for mentioning Mercy Home for Boys & Girls! We look forward to adding more to our slideshare account in the coming weeks.

    Joe Hallissey
    Online Marketing Coordinator
    Mercy Home for Boys & Girls