6 slideshows to get you started with Google+

With the launch of Google+ came lots of questions. Who should join? Is it another Facebook? Do I really need to add one more weapon to my social media arsenal? Early adopters of new technologies jumped for joy and implored everyone to jump in with them. The more cautious sat back quietly and said, “hmmmmm…”. Where can we find claritiy? Members of the SlideShare community have distilled the complexities and offer answers in the following slideshows.

In “Google+, What is it and why should we take notice?” UK firm Nixon McInnes offers an overview of its features and takes an informed yet cautious approach to adopting the new service.

Ready to jump in? With this Getting Started guide from Supernova Studios of Nova Scotia you’ll be able to set up the Google+ features and quickly understand how to add your existing networks. There’s even a labeled map of the Google+ interface.

Ready to dive in a little deeper? Explore ‘Circles’ with this guide by Ross Mayfield. Having an understanding of Circles will help you differentiate between Google+ and Facebook. It will also help you understand the levels of privacy and the power of sharing within your Circles.

Okay, by now you’re getting the hang of Google+. But maybe you’re wondering what to do with it. How does Google+ fit in to your business and marketing plans? In this short but punchy presentation, Ben Gaddis makes 3 points about the importance of Google+ for marketers.

Let’s not forget the +1 button. A powerful little tool that helps you share content and improve your search ranking. This slideshow by Apex Pacific of Sydney, Australia offers instructions on how to add the +1 button, where to put it on your website and how to monitor results.

Still curious about the bigger picture? The answer lies in The Cloud…

26 Responses to “6 slideshows to get you started with Google+”

  1. Maricela Hdz

    ???????????? Thanks So Much for the Info, @ Efrain y Ed mandenme sus correos electronicos para mandarles la invitacion de google+ ????????????

  2. Francesco Pelillo

    Quando parlerete in italiano io capiro cosa siete e potrò partecipare!

  3. alfredo

    estoy buscando desde hace mas de 2 semanas como poder ser parte de google + y me gustaria mucho ser parte de el… veo que tienen mejor propuestas que el facebook, ahora con ese nuevo chat que a implementado facebook no me dan ganas de seguir usando face, porfavor si serian tan amables de mandarme una invitacion para ser parte de esta maravillosa red.

  4. stephania

    hola!! alguien podria mandarme una invitacion para google+???
    es que quiero pobrarlo y veo que es solo se puede ingresar con invitacion!
    bueno muchas gracias!!!!!
    mi mail es es.ttefi12@gmail.com

  5. alex

    these are some excellent slide shows. I find it most noteworthy, though, that I CANNOT SHARE these with G+

    Where is the 1+ icon that I can click…???

  6. Luca

    Could anyone tell supernovastudios that “your” and “you are” have different meanings in english (though they share at times the same pronounciation)?

  7. Luca

    @ everybody asking for invite: you must at least share your email for it to be successful

  8. ThrowNoStone

    Um, Luca? In your chastisement, you’re using “pronounciation,” which isn’t a word!

  9. SB Chatterjee

    I believe Google+ is open to all with a gmail account now..