Building Context for Professional Content

Connecting to jobs through shared content is common on SlideShare. People build their professional reputation during jobs, and in some cases build visual resumes (cross-posted to their LinkedIn profile) to get jobs. But every job search begins with a basic but difficult question to answer, what kinds of jobs are there?

Daily Endeavor is a job guide written by real people. And they’ve integrated with SlideShare using our open APIs to help people find professional content related to jobs.

For example, if you are interested in a job in banking or finance jobs there is more to learn than browsing want ads. A job guide describes what that kind of job is like with input from people in that job. A recruiter in investment banking can share their experience in that job not just to the benefit of others, but to build their professional reputation. Today a Daily Endeavor job guides show related SlideShare professional content, such as to recruiting candidates in investment banking.

This is a great example of how a site with a focused set of content to solve a problem can leverage SlideShare’s API to provide broader context. If your startup is doing something interesting with our APIs, or if you have questions, please let us know in comments below.

Disclosure: I’m an advisor to Daily Endeavor.


2 Responses to “Building Context for Professional Content”

  1. adeniyi olabode stephen

    I like your idea of educating people on how to use slides to achieve great presentations all across professional inclinations.