Corporate Social Strategists on SlideShare

Altimeter Research co-founder Jeremiah Owyang maintains a public list of Corporate Social Strategists. This opt in list of people who work at companies and agencies on the buy side of Social Media is a unique resource. These are people putting into practice how organizations should engage with Social Media, and since its public you can see how they are doing just that. RWW’s Marshall Kirkpatrick took this list and analyzed their Twitter usage.The team at SlideShare did the same. The following presentation analyzes publicly available data on how this list uses SlideShare.

In Jeremiah’s blog post about this, he highlights key contributors. Because after all, its made of people:

Within this list, here are the top 5 presentations shared:

  1. Vanina Delobelle, Sears, E-commerce Product Management. 105,888 views: Social Media Strategy
  2. Bob Hazlett, One Half Amazing. 80,111 views: Social Networking Statistics And Trends
  3. LaSandra Brill, Cisco, Social Media Manager. 35,077 views: Building a Community with Social Media and Web 2.0 – A Cisco Product Launch Case Study
  4. Vanina Delobelle, Sears, E-commerce Product Management. 4.30,026 views: The e-commerce models
  5. Justin Kestelyn, Oracle Technology Network. 25,119 views: “Oracle in the Cloud” AWS Webinar

What didn’t surprise me about this:

  • Power law distributions of their activity
  • Lots of content about Social Media and Social Media Marketing itself, sharing the practice of their work

What surprised me about this:

  • These are power users. Most joined in 2008, I thought more would have before that.
  • Only 43% of them had put SlideShare on their LinkedIn profile.
  • Little document or video content.
  • Fewer than I had expected had gone Pro or built a SlideShare Network

But hey, I’m still new here full time, so this is learning for me. If anyone has questions about the first slice of this research, please contact me. And I hope to meet some of you at SXSW.

2 Responses to “Corporate Social Strategists on SlideShare”

  1. Fluf

    Hey, sorry for this off-topic, but I want to know why I cannot delete my slideshare account! Everytime I type correctly my password, it appears that is incorect! Anyway… It is possible to block an user or to stop him following me? Please, help!

  2. Marni Blythe

    Just want to give a shout out and thank you for pulling this together. I am thrilled to have a list of the top social strategists in the corporate world, and I can connect with them through linkedin, how ‘social’! Being in the Social Media world as a Director at an ad agency, it gives me new perspectives that are so important.
    Thanks so much !