SlideShare Pro now gives you extra features on Linkedin

We have good news for SlideShare Pro users. If you use Linkedin (who doesn’t?), then we just rolled out a couple of features that will give you some extra edge. SlideShare Pro users now have

– a complete dashboard in their Pro analytics section for their Linkedin content that shows the number of uploads, views, favorites, comments etc they are receiving on Linkedin

– a special customizable and interactive widget called “Portfolio Widget” for displaying their portfolios on their LinkedIn public profile.

Check out the slide deck for details.

So here’s what you need to do

– if you are already a SlideShare Pro member, make sure you are using the SlideShare Linkedin app and this is linked to your SlideShare account. This will give you access to your Linkedin data in your SlideShare Pro dashboard.

– if you are not using SlideShare on Linkedin, we suggest you do that now by adding the app. Link your Linkedin app to your SlideShare account (look for the tab that says “Link your Linkedin profile to SlideShare”). And sign up for SlideShare Pro from within the Linkedin app.

– alternately upgrade to SlideShare Pro directly and make sure your Linkedin app is linked to SlideShare. This will give you the Pro features for Linkedin.

Let us know your feedback for this new launch.

4 Responses to “SlideShare Pro now gives you extra features on Linkedin”

  1. Mark Clayson

    Thanks for the information. I feel guilty that I, personally, am not using LinkedIN as much as I should. I will take a look at SlideShare Pro and see if it will be of use to me.

  2. Gregg J

    Yes, Slideshare is an excellent site, however you guys don’t pay attention to spammers at all! And even more, spammers don’t upload any presentations, they just spam all your pages
    and become your top users! For example now is 4:35 (US Eastern Time), have a look at – and every day the same situation! Please do something!