SlideShare Contest dates extended

We have seen a huge increase in the number of contest entries over the last few days. We’d like to give the last-minute entrants one last chance to participate. So the deadlines for both, ‘The World’s Best Presentation Contest‘ & ‘3M Presentation Horror Story Contest‘ are being extended to these new dates:

Last date to upload: November 15 (Monday)
Last date to vote: November 29 (Monday)
Winners announcement: December 6 (Monday)

Upload and vote up, guys!

5 Responses to “SlideShare Contest dates extended”

  1. Miguel Angel

    I have some questions, How many top presentations will evaluate the judges? How slideshare will determine the false votes or the contesters that increase their votes creating false accounts?

  2. Mohan Ramaswamy

    It is a welcome news. Allowing more days for voting after the entries close is also appropriate. The question regarding the number of entries that will be reviewed by the judges is very relevant. The number of votes is more likely to be influenced by the extent of one’s contacts than by the quality of the presentation.
    I hope an independent list of panelists will have a look at ALL the presentations and shortlist may be 10% or 20 top presentations in addition to the top 20 ballot winners for the judges to choose the winners. That will ensure that every presentation has a fair chance irrespective of the number of people voting for it.

  3. himanshu chanda

    Yippe! That will definitely help people who have cooked some thing great the last moment (like me 😉 ) But I guess its not clear who will be screened for the judges round?? I mean how many votes does one need to qualify? Or how many (as in Tpo 50) number of top voted ppts will make through for the judges round ??? Please help