Automatically Import Leads from LeadShare into SalesForce

We’re pleased to announce the release of the LeadShare API along with its first application: Slide2Lead, an integration of LeadShare with SalesForce!   That’s right, with your SlideShare business account, you can now synchronize leads generated by your presentations into your SalesForce CRM account.  Businesses are using SlideShare to generate leads every day using LeadShare. Now you can synchronize SlideShare documents, campaigns, leads and statistics, create SlideShare campaigns, and schedule synchronization with SalesForce.  Slide2Lead is a must-have for marketers who want to automate lead collection.

Here’s a presentation that Mansa Systems uses to capture leads with LeadShare — and have those leads automatically added to their Salesforce account:

Start your free trial via the Appexchange. You’ll find detailed information in the Slide2Lead Configuration Guide (pdf).

Developers, see how you can build applications that utilize the SlideShare and LeadShare APIs.