Use Storytelling to Enrich Your Presentations

Do your presentations tell a story? No matter what your message is, there’s a story behind it – and this applies to more than just case studies. You could tell the story of you – how did you get where you are? Or the story of your company – what led your company or organization to define a vision and decide where to start?

Your company’s story is important, as it gives context to your presentation. In his June 3 blog post, Lou Hoffman describes how telling a story with text and images allows him to introduce The Hoffman Agency in a way that quickly and clearly communicates the vision and personality of his company.

But what about those of us who are not skilled at storytelling and don’t know where to start? Claudio Perrone provides a step-by-step process for creating a presentation that delivers your message in the form of a story. Claudio also tells his own story about conquering his fear of public speaking.

Through thoughtful crafting of your presentation’s text and images, a story will emerge to delight your audience, endear them to you, and make your message memorable. So…what’s your story?

5 Responses to “Use Storytelling to Enrich Your Presentations”

  1. Claudio Perrone

    Thanks for embedding my presentation to your blog!
    I’d like to add that my aim is to radically move beyond simply creating informative and enjoyable presentations.

    If you look under the shiny surface of those slides, you’ll see a deliberate attempt to powerfully engage the audience at emotional level.

    I read hundreds of books on screenwriting and creative nonfiction. No, I’m not another screenwriter wannabe. I once had an epiphany while (crying) watching a movie:
    if I could learn learn how to warp time and space with a Story, I would be able to influence and, maybe, even change someone’s future – including mine.

    “Inspire change” ought to be better than simply “inspire”, don’t you think? :-)

  2. Olga Mèndez Alejo

    Me parecio muy interesante le lectura de ambientes de aprendizaje y resalto que el respeto y el amor a los alumnos, al trabajo, a los compañeros nos motivan a crear esos ambientes ludicos de aprendizaje con nuestros alumnos, las buenas relaciones y la cordialidad con que tratemos a todas las personas que se encuentran en nuestro contexto de trabajo nos ayudaran a convivir en paz y a tener exito en el aula.