Presentation Tips: Tweets From Your Slides

We’re always looking for new ways to help presenters engage with their audience.

Last week at the WebVisions conference, presenter Jason Grigsby incorporated a snazzy feature called “Keynote Tweet” into his slides.  Keynote Tweet allowed Jason to automatically tweet the text of each slide into his Twitter timeline – during his live presentation! By wrapping the text in [twitter] and [/twitter] tags in the presenter notes section of a slide, that text was tweeted in real time.   Jason also added the event’s hashtag #wv10 allowing the tweets to appear in the conference Twitter stream.

Incorporating Twitter into the actual slides extends the reach of a presentation to anywhere that Twitter is available.  It also creates an archive for the slides’ text, providing an additional location for search engines to find the presentation.

If you are looking to engage Twitter with your next presentation, this might be an interesting way to do it.  Other ideas?  Add a comment to let us know how you use third party apps to engage with your extended audience.

4 Responses to “Presentation Tips: Tweets From Your Slides”

  1. Power Point Slide Shows

    Well Jason Grigsby has present new ideas in his presentations specially in mobile trends.

    Well I simply use a copy paste method to twit my slide share work on twitter but would try that feature…

    Thanks SS and Jason

  2. Robyn Gasco

    That was a fantastic post. I do not agree with every single single thing that you said but still good nonetheless. On a side note, I am so ecstatic that the NFL is back. It seems like I been waiting forever. This has to be my favorite time of the year. Sorry, I’m rambling. lol