Share your professional videos on SlideShare

Till now, SlideShare has been primarily for presentations. Yes, we accept whitepapers and regular ol’ documents as well, but presentations have a special place in our heart.

The question that many of you have been asking is: “What about my video talks, webinars, screencasts and demos? They are scattered all over the web. I embed them as YouTube videos into presentations. Can I post them directly to SlideShare?”

Here is the answer: Bring on the videos of the talks, the webinars, the demos, the screencasts, and the product pitches.

SlideShare wants to help you share them all.

Today, we are launching support for video and creating a place on the internet for professionals to share video. No, this is not for music, TV shows, and videos of your puppy. Yes, this is for all sorts of professional videos – whether a creative way to explain a concept, sell a product or inspire an audience.

Video is a powerful medium for communicating complex topics, and conveying and eliciting emotions. Knowing the SlideShare community, we are sure creative ideas for how to work with business video are about to happen. We are excited to see where you will take this.

If you are sharing video for your business, you can also capture leads on it using LeadShare (more on that in a followup post).

Here are FAQs about sharing videos on SlideShare.

TechCrunch posted about SlideShare’s video launch.

17 Responses to “Share your professional videos on SlideShare”

  1. Bhasker Kode

    Nice! Must say the buffering, delivery is pretty top-notch compared to lot of other video sites, and video is one of those things that in retrospect – we should have all seen coming. Great launch. Congratulations.


  2. A Guard

    It is awesome to see SlideShare expanding to videos. I need to rush off and get one posted.

    Thanks for adding to your wonderful site!

  3. Miguel

    Thanks for improving the service!!

    Now, my 2 cents:
    There was a site (omnisio) which had some nice features I would like to see in Slideshare video: a sort of split view, annotations, “tracks” based on the slide, etc…
    I’m sure you have already thought this, but anyway…

  4. Remortgage

    Well, it’s amazing. The miracle has been done. Hat’s off. Well done, as we know that “hard work always pays off”, after a

    long struggle with sincere effort it’s done.
    mark gibs

  5. Vinod

    Kudos to SlideShare. As I see currently, this company will be either acquired by likes of Google OR shut its shop in the near future. I hope they continue and keep doing the good work.

  6. Prestiti

    Sharing videos and other information directly with SlideShare is very useful for creating impressive presentations. SlideShare is a very powerful tool and, if properly used, to great satisfaction. Thank you for the valuable information!

    ps: audio video feels very slowly … is your problem or my pc?

  7. Rajesh

    Hi there, recently i uploaded a video on slideshare..and unfortunately i lost the same video frm my harddisk. i wish i could download my own video which is kind of backup video 4 me on slideshare.plz help