SlideShare has something new for its users. Guess What?

So we are excited to let you know that we are working on something super cool that we will share with you in a few days. Later this week, we will be releasing ‘something new’ that we believe is going to enhance your SlideShare experience. Some of you have been requesting this for a while.

Want hints? No, not yet. But watch this space and you might just get a sneak-peek into what we have been up to.

In the meantime – any guesses as to what we are launching?

  • Jamie Riddell

    Something FB related or sharks with lazers?

  • thaisie

    A iphone, blackbery, symbian app to check slide share presenatations..

  • Prashant

    Collection of Tweet related to ppt ?

  • david lee king

    Free Coffee! It’s free coffee with every upload. Yay! :-)

  • powerpointinfo

    seems like slideshare is going to turn into a video sharing website. read more at

  • vikas goyal

    - detailed view analytics.
    - ability to monetize our content.
    - stop using google ads.

  • amit

    Good guesses…. keep them coming.

    We are counting down now to the announcement…

  • cristian

    Iphone app!

  • Dave

    Video integration.

  • devil

    apple app?