Quirk with PayPal integration

I’m sorry to say that there has been an issue with the PayPal payment system. PayPal is no longer notifying us about transactions which is leading to a delay or failure of crediting SlideShare for Business accounts on our site.

We’re very sorry about this and are working to fix it ASAP. In the meantime I’m manually crediting people’s accounts. If your account hasn’t been credited yet, please contact us via http://www.slideshare.net/business/feedback



This has been fixed. However, if you still have any issues, please still use the feedback form.

2 Responses to “Quirk with PayPal integration”

  1. website visitor

    i m happy to see your concern regarding the issue… the care you take of your member is very benifical for both in terms of relation and business..
    yes, paypal some time creats problem for you, but again this is the best way to transfer amount on internet, in my openion….

  2. ritikaa

    Yes, you are very much right, you cannot open a PayPal account for Charity, if your charity is registered in India, same thing happened with me also, I applied a Charity account for my client and after completing all the formalities they just denied for the account.
    I have a suggestion for you, apply for a normal account with some other website and then use it for your Charity website, I have list of websites who are doing the same thing.
    You can also try some other Payment Gateways like CCavenue, but in case you are using Vbulletin script, I don’t think so that it may help you. The first suggestion may work for you.