3 years of SlideShare and 20 million monthly visitors!

Its 3 years of SlideShare! 3 years! Hard to believe. From an idea in Jon’s head, it has grown to a vibrant place where millions of people hang out. Last month, we reached a total of 20 million monthly visitors. We beat all sorts of records – the most visitors in a day, the most presentations & documents uploaded in a day, the most registrations.

The daily life of a startup is so hectic. There is always a new feature, a new bug, a new idea to implement. But we wanted to take this day to stop for a moment and thank all of you. We feel lucky to work on SlideShare, lucky that you come to visit, to upload your slides, to check out others.

We have an exciting year ahead of us. Lots of new things up our sleeve.

We are also interesting in hearing – what would like us to do? What new things would you like see on SlideShare?

18 Responses to “3 years of SlideShare and 20 million monthly visitors!”

  1. Mani Iyer


    Congratulations on 3 years!

    Got a suggestion for you and Jon. We were looking at making a Slidecast. Right now there are several steps involved in preparing the audio voiceover along with background music and sounds to go with the audio-to-slide syncing feature that’s available on Slideshare.

    It would be great if we could make the entire slidecast off Slideshare.com (including audio prep + sizzle). All we should need to do is plug in a microphone and go. Imagine if you had ready-to-use music and sound clips, and some podcast/background audio track preparation tools as well…


  2. Alessandra

    it’s a great site!

    I would like to see better support for HD and other formats like 16:9, 16:10.

  3. Bruce Burke

    Congrats to the staff and crew of SlideShare – People like to anonymously peruse data without commitment and SlideShare enables us to post marketing information and product information that people can download and share easily.

    Our presentations on SlideShare have brought us a lot of attentions with some of the SlideShare links showing above our corporate page in search results.

    Thanks for all your hard work and devotion to integration with other social networking sites like Linked In and others.

    Pop a bottle and have a toast – to a job well done!

    Thanks SlideShare!

  4. Vivek Singh

    Congratulations Rashmi & Jon

    Slideshare is no doubt a great resource on the web. I would also like to see a presentation on how slideshare started and how it has grown in the last three years.

  5. Elaine Talbert

    Congratulations on making to so far.

    I have enjoyed all the many enhancements over this time. I know many of my Twitter followers enjoy my tweets from SlideShare.
    You don’t have to be famous to make a slideshow with useful content.
    I would like to see the community page improved.
    I want to save useful slideshows I find in my Google Reader to the groups that interest me.
    This page needs updating. For me the groups make SlideShare more useful. It can save a lot of sifting and sorting. Elaine

  6. Inaki

    Congratulations! Feliz cumpleanos! (in Spanish) Zorionak (in Basque). What a coincidence! My birthday was in the October 4th too! Only the year is different (1976), so I have two times 3: 33 😉

  7. RhondaK

    I would really like to have better stats. Where are people coming from who are viewing my slides?
    How long do they stay? Do they look at the whole thing? Is anyone looking at my profile? Who? What? From where? Anything more would be useful.

  8. Calcatraz

    Congratulations on reaching 3 years! It’s great to hear you’re getting the success you deserve. Keep it up and I can’t wait to see how much further things have got in another year.

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    It’s an impressive feat reaching 3 years! I’m glad to hear you’re getting the success you certainly deserve. Keep up the great work. I know only great things are on the horizon.