Excellent video tutorial about Slidecasting…

Mike Bogle who is an Educational Technologist at the University of New South Wales and writes the TechTickerblog has created an excellent video tutorial about slidecasting. The five minute tutorial gives you a step by step procedure for creating a slidecast. The blogpost is here.

Check out the video

Thanks Mike.. we’ll add the tutorial to our slidecasting help section.

1 Response to “Excellent video tutorial about Slidecasting…”

  1. bowerbird

    first of all, it’s great to have audio-synchonization!
    it really adds a lot to the functionality of your site…

    but i can think of several ways to make it easier.

    for instance, how about just submitting a list of
    the times in the .mp3 at which transitions occur?

    or how about letting the person start the .mp3
    and the slideshow, and clicking “next page” at
    the appropriate times where they want a change?

    or how about scanning the .mp3 for a distinctive
    sound (e.g., a bell), which would cue a transition?

    finally, setting the appropriate number of points
    in the .mp3 (one less than the number of slides)
    at equally-spaced points that can then be adjusted
    would seem — at least to me — to be far easier
    than having to seek each end-point separately…

    again, it’s great to have this feature. i just think
    there are several ways it could be more friendly…