How do you use SlideShare?

We want to hear about your adventures on SlideShare. Do you have a SlideShare account for business or personal reasons? We know there’s a wide variety of users ranging from teachers uploading lesson plans to social media agencies promoting client content to speakers posting their slides. But we also know there’s probably a whole lot of users we don’t know about, and we’d like you to share your stories with us.

Give us the nitty gritty on who you are, and how you use SlideShare. Tell us about your work, your passion, your dog’s name and favorite treat. We want to know about the resume you just posted or the value added your clients see or the children your nonprofit helps.

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25 Responses to “How do you use SlideShare?”

  1. Power Point Slide Shows

    Well it’s a very nice question Rashmi

    At my end i use slideshare for personal purpose to share my views with people around the glob as well as i keep in touch slide share users with most important news and happening over the world

    I love slideshare community and i enjoyed my friends over it


  2. Dave Ross

    I use my Slideshare account to share slides from my PHP user group’s monthly presentations. After a meeting, it gives members a chance to review the notes, and people who weren’t there get the chance to catch up. We really appreciate being able to embed presentations in our group’s blog as easily as videos from other sites.

  3. Zak M

    We use it for work as a means of sharing our presentations and workshops that we deliver for various types of events for the education sector. We support colleges and Universities across the UK and I personally encourage sharing of resources. I wrote an advice document on using SlideShare so that others may reap its benefit. If your interested its

    I also use it for backing on PPT files for when Im traveling in case I lose my USB memory.

    Great service,

  4. Tally Helper

    I use slide share as a platform to let readers of my blog to understand complex issues in Tally Accounting Software. I use to develop slideshow and upload it on slide share, write an article related to the issue and the make my readers understand the concept through the slideshow. I embeded the code into my blog post at my blog

  5. Anne Macindoe

    My slideshare account lets me communicate with clients and associates in a fun, friendly way that doesn’t involve the need for face time.
    I also find it a great resource for marketing and other ideas.

  6. RhondaK

    I use Slideshare to talk about my world and my business. I paint tiki bar signs, mermaids and more! and sell on the side of the road, shows and just where ever I can. This approach is not always successful.

    At events I’ll often here “I can do that” or “I want to be you” which I find … complex. Or people might say they’ve seen something I know is original and I know the day I wrote it.

    I started the slideshows to sort of keep going. To not brand myself as a Buffett or Chesney figure where FUN is eternal and there’s always more flip flops. But that there’s paradoxes in paradise…and a lot of hard work.

    That you earn your flip flop hang time.

    I also wanted to share what was behind some of my best selling work. The stories and the circumstances that created them. That you didn’t see this particular egret sign anywhere, I wrote that crying on a dock in Cortez, Florida. Me. And my muse Oskar the Luv Pug…may he rest in peace. I have signs about grief over his loss I don’t often paint anymore….”tears that fall to the sea become waves that touch every shore.”

    It is hard for me to type it. I have a slideshow about a man I loved like no one else who killed himself last year. It is all I have of him but for the work I do. But for the life he gave me.

    That’s how I use slideshare.I tell stories about the truth in my life, things, loves, people I meet, places I love, loss and roadtrips with bikers and pickled eggs. The things I love though they often hurt–that’s what I put on Slideshare.
    RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist

  7. James Breeze

    Hey Rashmi,

    I have used slideshare ever since I saw your presentation at OZIA07 in Sydney. Here’s a few examples. I use it:

    – As a case for not doing usability, but getting a product to market and testing it later through good feedback mechanisms!

    – To send my clients large proposals (PPT shows). Then I hope that they see all my slide shows while they are there and learn about all the things I am interested in!

    – As an example, in workshops, of the power that social media (and slideshare) has in getting Google results for obscure search terms.

    – To provide sales colleagues with easy access to company presentations (Tobii eye tracker resellers)

    – As a way to reduce the amount of clutter on a presentation deck. I upload it to slideshare and if I can read through it quickly, and it makes sense in slideshare, then I know it will have the right amount of text and pictures on it to make a really good face-to-face presentation.

    – As a way to expose social media ‘wary’ friends to a platform that is not Facebook and has an immediately relevant use – sending around large PPT files.

    – To research content for presentations.

    – To embed in my blog and drive traffic to and from other social media platforms. I am really happy that slideshare has hyperlinks! I just need to go back and put them in all my old presos.

    – Also, slideshare was great when I got on the homepage a couple of times. You really drove me some nice new traffic.

    I just tweeted this one to you 😉 tip @slideshare

    Love your work!

  8. Joyce Hodges

    I had many requests for copies of the powerpoint presentation I made for the Turrentine Family Reunion. I was making CDs, but by posting it on slideshare it was available to those people. Plus through hits by searchs, we have found ohter Turrentine descendants with whom we had lost contact.

    I work and have only limited time to work on the family history. People being able to see the presentation, so I do not have to make and mail physical copies, frees up my time to do more research and answer queries about how the people who find us fit into the family tree.

  9. Valentin

    We use slideshare for both work & entertainment purposes. It allows us to share educational content about our biomedical search engine as well as post some funny stuff. For instance we first posted an April Fool’s presentation and more recently a detailed presentation of the functions of our free biomedical search engine.

    Besides that, it is a great resource to discover interesting content, point of views and meet new people.

    Hope it helps 😉

  10. Julie Gabrielli

    I use SlideShare to post PPTs from presentations that I’ve made. I’m a visual person, and don’t seem to be able to make a point w/o a picture to go with it!

    Recently, I taught an online course called “Your EcoBlueprint,” designed to shift perspectives about our relationship to the natural world, look critically at inherited ideas, and discover a personal vision of a green lifestyle. All the slides from that course are on my SlideShare page. The course itself is now available for home-study at GOforChange (

    Check out my Slideshare page:

    Thanks for creating SlideShare! I found out about it just in time and will use it for all my online courses. I love the ability to sync audio w/ the slides, and will be trying that out soon.


  11. bluenote84149

    I use it for education and documentation. I’ll have a try with my SEO tests for my final thesis with slideshare. I like the friendlier and less advertise crowded interface compared to Scribd (Skribd?). The White House is on here as well, that makes it my first choice for future projects. Thanks for doing a great job. Google Facebook connect or similar (OpenID) would have been swell tho.

  12. Kyra

    I use slideshare primarily for educational reasons, which can be classified both as personal and business.

    I know I can always go to slideshare and find information on any topic I’m looking for. What a life saver!

  13. PabloTM

    Eu uso Slideshare no desenvolvimento de meu negócio. É uma grande ferramenta no auxílio de apresentações para minha equipe. Nosso negócio é o network marketing da Agel Enterprise no Brasil e como a companhia ainda não estabeleceu-se aqui, de fato, precisamos de ferramentas poderosas para a apresentar. Foi magnífico encontrar a Slideshare. Vejam sua aplicação em nosso website:

  14. Lindsey

    Slides are have many possibilities of use if you maximize with additions like embedding other files and videos.

  15. mrpetri

    I am a high school history teacher and graduate student in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies in Los Angeles, CA. I have been using slideshare to post student powerpoints so that other students can view them and make comments about them. They love it! I am also using slideshare to educate my college faculty about Web 2.0 tools. They are not so in love with it, but I am working on them.

    Best Regards,

    Mr. P

  16. best anti aging products expert

    Its a good media to market a website

  17. RK Sharma

    I have introduced Soft Skills development Self Learning Kit(Mob. 91 9829462113). Slideshare has served as a best marketing tool for my product. I have received more than thiry responses within two weeks of its launch. Thanks to Slideshare.

    With salutations,

  18. Sandip Sen


    I joined slideshare only 6 weeks ago,and have only 6 presentations to date, fortunately well recieved. As a amazon author of project management books ( ISBN 1440493332 published in December 08 ) I had been searching a forum for reader interaction and find slideshare a great experience, much more superior to twitter, facebook or linkedin.

    I suggest slideshare should approach amazon to directly display one relevant slide per book to enhance publicity. Though amazon has started publishing since last two years, they do not have a seperate promoting link up with the old media like the old and established publishers.

    Now top U.S. Universities like Harvard or Wharton or any other, buy mostly when the books are reviewed by the old media like NYTimes or LA Times.When I wrote to them for reviewing my book I recieved a feedback, that they will review the book only if forwarded by an reputed and enlisted publisher on their panel and not amazon.

    So I approached John Wiley who offered me a variable royalty of 12% ( on 5000 copies sold) to 18%( on 20,000 copies sold) of net reciepts
    as compared to 40% offered by Amazon on gross reciepts. I obviously did not accept the Wiley offer.

    I instead started exploring the new media looking for avenues and found twitter. However with 140 words limit you can build a follower base but not highlight the text within. Other social networking sites are also not suitable but slideshare is.

    If I recieve 1000 views in a week, fortnight or month, it obviously shows that my book will have readership and has worthwhile content. It will then prompt the big libraries to look at the new media response and change their tactics of buying whatever is recomended by the old media.

    Thus the new age publisher and the new media
    ( amazon and slideshare ) can break the monopoly of the old media and old publisher and provide better content to people at large by offering a better deal to authors/ content providers

  19. Kate

    I used slide share to locate two pieces of research which was not readily avaiable through normal search engines. One group of slides came from a press pack, the original information would have cost me quite alot of money to buy.

    It was invaluable and once I complete my own presentation I will be uploading it onto slideshare.

  20. Picture Stories Collection

    I use slideshare because i love the idea of sharing presentations and on slideshare there is hug traffic and good audience to reach out around the globe

    I I Just love it like McDonald LOL…

  21. Nikki May from Web Copywriter

    I love slideshare. I use it mainly for personal purposes. I also run some groups and I use slideshare to share and discuss my lessons.

    I use it to just share my thoughts with friends and business colleagues globally.

    I am involved in affiliate marketing, and I use slideshare in my marketing.

    This is a versatile and great application.


    Nikki May

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  23. Warner Gaertner

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