Drunkenomics wins Fuze Tell A Story contest

The Fuze Tell a Story Contest has winners!

Grand Prize ($5000)
The Grand Prize goes to Drunkenomics – The Story of Bar Stool Economics from slides2407. Drunkenomics = Drunken + Economics and its a great story about tax & tax cuts. slides2407 also has a behind-the-scenes account of how Drunkenomics happened. Check out The Monday That Never Saw The Night – Story of making of Drunkenomics.

Congratulations slides2407! This is well deserved.

Four Category Prizes (iPhone + $100 iTunes card)

Best Design: This goes to Super Cool Dudes from amv8192

Best Story Telling Ability: This goes to The Story of H from LubomirP

Best Use of Multimedia: This goes to White Shaka – Graphic Novel from AlanBrody

Most Popular: This goes to Let’s Talk Poverty from dcaron

Big thanks to our awesome judges: Ann Handle, Don Tapscott, Om Malik, Pete Cashmore & Tony Hsieh.

Thanks to the contest sponsors, Fuze Meeting . We had a great time working with you. If you have not already, go give the Fuze meeting software a quick try.

8 Responses to “Drunkenomics wins Fuze Tell A Story contest”

  1. Chipo

    To the winners – Awesome presentations.
    To the judges – job well done in the selection department!

  2. Slides2407!

    We are humbled by this award. Thanks to all our well-wishers, customers, judges and sponsors for this recognition. Thanks a ton.


  3. Dcaron

    Thank you for the vote on the most popular presentation, we are pleased to be part of the winners.

    We would like to ask if instead of sending us the prize (iPhone and iTune gift card) if we could get the equivalent in donation to one of our projects on our website. We really have no use for the prize as our goal is to eradicate poverty.

    Please let us know if this is possible, it would mean a lot more to us to help people in need. If it is not possible, we would like to decline the prize and suggest it be given to someone else.

    Thank you for considering our request

  4. Alan Brody

    Thanks for the recognition. “White Shaka Boy” is a long labor of love that began 8 years ago when I thought, gee the Zulus, whom I grew up with, could teach us something about client contact.

    Then, I stumbled upon this story which reveals Africa in an entirely new way. My inner comic-creator came out, the music producers among us came alive and now we have this trailer, the book-and-music and 35 webisodes to come.

    My collaborators and I appreciate the opportunity!


  5. BrandMover

    Congratulations to the winners, great job for the judges too! Presentation just became a discipline of Art!

  6. Stools

    I wish all posts were like this, interesting and concise. Without doubt given me food for thought. Thanks, looking forward to more like this.