Add a video to your LinkedIn profile

With the SlideShare application on LinkedIn, it’s now incredibly easy to add videos to your LinkedIn profile. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide:

1. Upload your presentation to SlideShare as usual.

2. Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to insert.


3. Once your presentation converts, go to the Edit Slideshow and choose Insert YouTube Videos and paste the above URL in the form.


4. Add the SlideShare application on your LinkedIn profile and link your account.


5. Go to the Settings page and choose “Show complete presentation in player”


6. That’s it. Your presentation (with the embedded YouTube video) is on your LinkedIn profile!


So go ahead and add a lot more value to your LinkedIn profile with SlideShare!

(Thanks to Nathan Kievman)

32 Responses to “Add a video to your LinkedIn profile”

  1. Nikhil Vaswani

    Good tips and nicely presented! Was doing this in Youtube till now and will try using SlideShare sometime in the future.

    By the way, if you are looking to make the most of your LinkedIn account, check out networking expert Jan Vermeiren’s new book “How to REALLY use LinkedIn”. You can find a free lite version at I found it particularly interesting.

  2. Dr.Bob

    Great app!

    Who can advise me on the following: We have our own company presentation that not only me but also my collegues want on their LI-profile.
    So I created a company account on SS, so that we could all link with this account on LI and share the same presentation.
    However, I have set up the SS account in my LI profile, but now my collegues are not able to use the same account on their LI’s …

    What I prefer NOT to do is create multiple SS account, all with the same presentation (incl. identical description en keywords) which would ruin the ‘single point of entry’ for our presentation.

    Anyone a good idea/fix?


  3. Megan


    What about for videos that you are unable to put on youtube? I have a script so that I can embed it in my website or blog, but would like to put it on Linkedin as well. Is there a way to do this?

    Many thanks,

  4. Stefani

    I don’t seem to have the settings shown here. There is not a YouTube tab on my slideshare plug-in in LinkedIn.

    I am assuming you make a ‘fake’ ppt and then use that for the opportunity to insert the link to the YouTube video. I uploaded a .ppt and then when I go to edit it, all it allows me to edit is the name and description. There is no place to put the YouTube link.


  5. Scott

    Similar questions as Megan’s–is it possible to upload .flv, .avi, etc. files?

  6. Ed

    Step 3 is not available.

    “3. Once your presentation converts, go to the Edit Slideshow and choose Insert YouTube Videos and paste the above URL in the form.”

  7. dp

    Also having problems. Can no longer find the settings box where you check the box saying “show complete presentation in player.” Not sure if that is the reason? It plays fine on the Slideshare site but not on LinkedIn.

    I have spent about 6 hours trying to upload a simple single video to my LinkedIn page.

    I am beyond frustrated. This is a great idea but not at all well implemented.

    Also – you just emailed everyone letting them know about this feature – but didn’t indicate that the “Youtube” tab is only available on You can not reach it when you click on my presentations via LinkedIn.

    Look forward to this working completely!

  8. patty

    Sounds like we’re all having the same problems. I’ve spent more than an hour on one simple video.

    Stefani and others not finding the youtube tab on SlideShare plugin on LinkedIn – I used the youtube tab within slideshare to publish the video into the blank ppt doc, then added the slideshare app to LinkedIn and checked the box for “show complete presentation…” I’m not sure there is a Youtube tab in SS/Linked In app.

    The instructions read like all you do is insert the video within slideshare, then install the slideshare linked in app, link the accounts and it all works like magic. Ha Ha

  9. Chris

    I tried to upload the video but slide share says “wrong url” What is the trick. I copy and Pasted the url beside the video player. Is there another url that I’m not aware of?

  10. Emily

    I manage a group and I’d like to add slideshare application to my group’s homepage. Is there a way to do this?

  11. leslie

    I also don’t have the option of inputting a link to youtube. Also, do we have to do a blank ppt to get the video to show up? I am really confused, and can’t seem to get this to work. I would really love to get my video posted. Can you please advise how to post if we are not being given this option?

  12. Shara Derosier

    Thanks again for an interesting read, but I can’t seem to load your site properly on my Mac, any suggestions? Thanks!

  13. Darrell

    Still trying to find my way around Linkedin, just recently set up a profile. Now I can make it look a bit more professional by adding a video, Thanks a lot.

  14. Hal

    How do you get Slideshow to appear on your linkedIn Company profile page instead of on your personal page? I would like to show my videos on our company page.

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