How to Add SlideShare to your Facebook Pages

Important Update: Some users have expressed confusion on not being able to “upload a SlideShare presentation to a Facebook page”. Just to clarify, it’s not possible to directly upload to a Facebook page. To show your presentations on a page, you need to first add the SlideShare app to a regular Facebook user account and add your Facebook page to this account. After this you need to assign yourself as the administrator/owner of this page. Once this is done, presentations from your SlideShare app will show on your Facebook page and remain in sync.

One of our most requested features on the newly launched Facebook App was the ability to add it to Facebook Pages. We are glad to announce that it is now possible to do just that. Just follow the steps below:

1. Make sure you add the SlideShare app to your profile first. Then, goto the SlideShare application’s profile page and click on “more” to display more options. Choose “Add to my Page”


2. A popup will show you a list of pages you currently own or administer. Choose the page you want to add SlideShare to. For this example, we’ll choose “Rockstars Cafe”


3. Go to your app page and click on the button marked ‘+’ (Next to “Discussions”). You would see a list of application you can add to your page. This should include “Slideshare”. If not, search for it and click on “Slideshare”.

4. This would take you to the slideshare app. It has been added as a new tab to your Facebook page. If you want to show your presentations to the world through it, synchronize your application by following the steps below.

Synch your Application

You can share your Slideshare slideshows with everyone by synching the application. This can be done as follows:

1. Goto your Facebook page and click on “Edit Page” as shown.


2. Under the list of Applications available on the page, you’ll see “SlideShare”. Click on the small pen icon next to it and choose “Edit”


3. You’ll be taken to the Pages settings section, which allows you to specify the SlideShare user who’s presentations will sync to the presentations showing on the Page. If you did not install the SlideShare app as mentioned in (1), you’ll be prompted to do so. If an administrator is already set for this page, you’ll be given the option to change the account. Non-administrators will not be allowed to access this section.


Your Facebook Page will stay in sync with the chosen page administrator’s account. Do share your Facebook page URL’s with us after adding the SlideShare app.

52 Responses to “How to Add SlideShare to your Facebook Pages”

  1. Jim Moss

    So the only way to put a slide show on a page is to have the same slideshow on your profile? Is there any way to put a slideshow on a page without having it on a profile?

  2. Sundar

    Does the slideshare slide ONLY work with published pages? I’m trying to get my page ready before publishing, with some slideshares, but I just cannot get the slide list to show up on the Wall. The slides show up in the Slideshare tab, but I can’t figure out how to add it to either the profile or the Wall from the slideshare tab :(

  3. Picture Stories Collection

    Sound COOL but is it possible that we could present our self better on twitter i want this way to get more views of my presentations as well as expanding my work on twitter

    Any tip…

  4. Veronica

    I’m having some troubel with this too – I’m an admin for an organization Web site and I’m trying to link their SlideShare account to their page, but I don’t want it on my own, and I don’t want my name showing up as “Veronica’s SlideSpace” in their SlideShare tab.

    Also, I’m trying to get this set up before publishing the organization’s page. when I click on the SlideShare tab on the Page, it says nothing’s been uploaded yet. But when I click “Your Presentations” it takes me to and the presentation I uploaded via SlideShare today is visible. Do you have to upload presentations through Facebook to get them to show up? If so, that’s not clear in the application instructions.

  5. John

    I must agree with Veronica – I manage 5 very different FB Pages for 5 very different sites & projects, so having 1 SlideShare account linked to *all* of them would never work (especially since I have set up different account profiles at SlideShare to keep their online personas distinct.) The process & utility of Slideshare for FB Pages is weak; perhaps now that you’ve got SlideShare for Business launched, you’ll re-visit your FB app and integrate it a bit better. Meanwhile, I can’t recommend that this be added to professional Pages – and that is quite unfortunate!

  6. Facebook Developers

    Great way to make facebook pages. I personally think that Facebook pages and groups are easy to create but difficult to maintain it and update pages users for everytime. This is really effective thing. Thanks

  7. Michelle Villalobos

    What I would like to do is for my slideshows to import directly to my Fan Page wall, just like my blog does. How can I do that? I do not want people to have to click into a separate tab, I want my wall to be a consolidation of all my various feeds into one place.

    Please advise, thank you.

    Michelle Villalobos

  8. Steve

    I sync’d my company’s new Facebook page with my slideshare account. The problem I’m having is that I don’t want “Popular” presentations to be the first thing that people see when they click on my slideshare tab – I want it to be “My Slidespace.” How do I make this happen?

  9. j t

    i agree with Steve — having the popular slideshare decks show up on my Page is nuts. it looks like i’ve linked in the wrong thing.

    how can my slidespace be the default [only!] content that’s linked?

  10. papillon320

    I’m sure I did everything right…I was able to post it to my own wall from the button on the app page, but when I try to share it on our Page, from the wall post icon, it says “No slideshows from you”
    How can I finally get it posted on the Page, after following all the above steps?

  11. Shivesh

    +1 to Veronica’s comment. The presentations to be shared by the “page” should not be confused with presentations to be shared by “page admin”. Just because the lead singer of the band happens to be managing the band’s page does not mean that the presentations are the lead singer’s? Sorry, but bad product management oversight / ignorance.

  12. ELN

    Have synced my Facebook group page, but when I use the drop-down and select Slideshare, I receive the message that there is nothing uploaded—when in fact there is and I’ve posted it on my personal page. And when I attempt to add it via the “More” option, “Select Group” does not work. I click on Select Group, but it doesn’t offer me any options to select…. then tells me that I can’t go any further because I haven’t selected a group. I just want to post this to my group page.

  13. Kenny

    Does this app work with Facebook FAN Pages? I do not see it listed under applications

  14. Catherine

    “I’m having some troubel with this too – I’m an admin for an organization Web site and I’m trying to link their SlideShare account to their page, but I don’t want it on my own, and I don’t want my name showing up as “Veronica’s SlideSpace” in their SlideShare tab.”

    rashmi says:
    Jun 11, 11:24 am
    “Folks, thanks for the feedback. We are listening to you, and will make changes.”

    Any ETA? this is a big problem for our FB page. Our slideshare tab says “Catherine’s Presentations,” which is inappropriate and confusing.

  15. Matt.

    Hi, really great app, with plenty of scope for promotional activities.

    Only problem is, its not really usable at present….

    I need to be able to have the link go directly to my presentations (and I know its possible I’ve seen it on other sites), but im having a hell of a time getting it to work.
    I’d also like to be able to post directly to my wall (Because personally I find a facebook page with too many tabs looks a bit crap), which would allow me not to have a visable slideshare tab.

    Without one of those being easily accomplished, Im going to have to delete the tabs of our page, because Im having a hard time convincing the management that this is a viable app.

  16. Ilene

    I really don’t like that it shows up as “Ilene’s SlideShare” because I don’t want the slideshow to be associated with me as an individual. Is there any way to get around this?
    I’m taking down the slideshow until then.

  17. Jeff

    Yeah, I’m going to have to throw my lot in with the group that finds this unusable for business until it no longer displays the “Jeff’s SlideSpace” bit. Love the idea, though. It’s just a shame that we can’t use it.

  18. gracy

    i got a query..
    i synced my slideshare page with my FB account.
    i also added slideshare to the fb page im admin of. if i try to post it , it gets posted only on my wall.. how do i make it to post on the FB page’s wall?
    please help

  19. James Taylor

    Well I added the Slideshare app but the design won’t work for a company page. I want the presentations I have synched to appear, not the popular ones. Let me know when you fix this glaring error in your defaults and I will put it back.

  20. catherine

    Is there any way to post presentations via slideshare on fb groups? If so, does anyone know how. I’m having trouble.


  21. Kermit Skone

    Me also getting trouble to add as tab..
    there is no option for Slideshare app for add to page ..
    it;s stone… please give proper sugg.. for.. or might be lose ur users..

  22. Tirso

    Hi Jocelyn, how did you manage to present your slides first instead of the “Popular” tab??? thanks! :)

  23. Sergey

    It also would be cool if you ?ould add an option to show presentations that we favorited.
    There are a lot of presentations that we want to share with our friends abd most of them are presentations of other people. That would be quit? similar to your Popular function.

  24. Marcel

    Another vote to remove the admin’s name from the tab on Pages. I do not want my name associated with the tab on the Facebook Page I use this on (e.g. Marcel’s Presentations)

  25. Kathy

    I too would like to NOT have my name listed as “Kathy’s” slideshare —-
    I too would also like for whatever we’ve uploaded (in our case it’s a newsletter) to show up on the wall. That would be very useful and I think you’d have more people using this app.

    I know you app folks are doing your best and are always looking for ways to improve.

    Looking forward to any changes coming down the pike!


  26. Xavier Vespa

    I integrated the Sideshare app in the Facebook Page, but upon clicking on the Slideshare tab, visitors land on the “most popular” tab, which obviously shows content not related to my page. Can’t I just have the Slideshare app show my uploads, instead of the whole slideshareverse?

  27. Mary Canady

    Any changes made to this since June of 2010? No offense but it’s pretty worthless as is, as others have stated. Why bother?

  28. The Tech Coach

    Every time I try to add SlideShare to my FB fan page, The Tech Coach, LLC, I receive an error message! It is on my personal account, however.

  29. JB

    The instructions for adding the slideshare tab to your FB page apply to the OLD FB interface, not the new one.

    If you administer more than one FB page, you’re out of luck. This app needs to be updated before I can advise clients to use it.

  30. Mohammed

    I’m having trouble with the app its not syncing from my account…

  31. Kurtis Kestler

    It seems as if some of you were able to get your company’s presentations to show up on the company page (even if it is under “your name’s slidespace”). I can only get the tab to read “my slidespace” and if I view the company page from an outside fb account and click the “my slidespace,” it thinks I am trying to view my own (the outsider’s) presentations and not the company’s. If an outside account can’t even view the company’s presentations, why does this app even exist??? HEEELLLLPPPPP!!!!!

  32. nir

    Damm why it should be so hard???
    I spent 40 min on trying to display a slideshare presentation ONLY on the company page I admin and couldn’t do so

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  35. Lisa Fisher

    Same issue – would like the default when the user clicks on the SlideShare link on my page to get my organizations’ uploads, not unrelated content deemed “popular” by SlideShare. It’s just basic useability to give people what they expect to get when they click. I removed the app from my page until this is fixed. Please email me when it is finally corrected, although I don’t hold out much hope, given how long this comment thread has been going, without any response from the developers.

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