Now embed your SlideShare docs on

Ever since we introduced the new player to display presentations (and documents) that were in portrait mode (taller than they were wide) people have asked us to enable that for embeds on

We’ve been working with the folks at Automattic over the last couple of weeks to ensure the new player works there too. So now you can just copy the shortcode from a presentation page and paste it into your post. Once you save and publish, that will automatically (see what I did there?) be replaced by the correct player displaying your presentation or document from SlideShare.

Geeky stuff for plugin authors: The only change we’ve made is adding an extra “&type=d” to the end of the shortcode. When you see this, you should use the new ssplayerd.swf instead of the regular presentation player.

27 Responses to “Now embed your SlideShare docs on”

  1. Ari Cohn

    I understand embedding just well enough to have put a link to a PPT presentation hosted on into my blog. What does it mean to “copy the shortcode from a presentation page”? What is a presentation page — the page on on which you access the document you store?

  2. Ashwan


    Yes, that’s correct, the page with the presentation on SlideShare is what I meant. If you click on “More Sharing options” below the presentation you will see (among other things) a text box labeled “For”

    If you copy that code and paste it into your blog post on, it will show up as the presentation when you publish your blogpost.

  3. MP

    I’ve tried to follow the comments to understand how to embed the slideshare presentation into my blog but I’m obviously missing something. Firstly, the blog is on 2.7.1. I’ve downloaded the plugin, copied the embed code from the slideshare presentation, but I don’t know where to paste it. I tried pasting it on a post, on a page and on the sidebar but nothing comes up. What am I missing?

  4. Rickvv

    I am finding that there are possibly some incompatibilities with the latest version.
    Has anyone got a fully functioning site with a slideshare plugin?
    Or are there issues with certain themes?
    rick vV

  5. John

    I am also having problems getting this to work.
    Using plug-in version 1.5, WordPress 2.7.1 hosted by GoDaddy and have tried WordPress Classic and WordPress 1.6 themes.
    The frame where the show should be flashes briefly but is left as a blank space once the page is loaded.
    Maybe there’s an issue with the sequence in which the plug-in output is loaded into the HTML?

  6. Guido Masnata

    The wordpress plugin 1.5 doesn’t work with WP Mu 2.7.1. Well, it does work if you use google chrome but not with firefox or explorer. In fact I did not realize the malfuncion until I used a different PC tnan mine.
    Reinstalling older plugin solves all.

  7. bayrak

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  8. fudallst

    When using slideshare 1.6.3 on wordpress mu 2.8.4 I receive the following code error when using Firefox: 2192308&doc=elearning-quality-workshop-intro-slideshare-091011114039-phpapp01 ) –> that is displayed right after the slideshare presentation. On any other browser, the page just ends and will not display any remaining content.
    Anyone have any ideas?

  9. patrick

    yeah this isn’t working for me either. I’m using WordPress version 2.9.2. Once I copy the code it simply appears a link to my presentation on slideshare on my blog – not as the actual document. can someone email me at and let me know what i have to do to change this? really annoying


  10. Emanuele

    many thanks for this wonderfull feature! I’m using a plug-in by Yoast to include include embedded presentation on wordpress 3.0.1 based blogs.