SlideShare on your mobile phone

We’re quite excited to announce the new SlideShare Mobile website today. Visit on your mobile phone and you can view any presentation, search through presentations, login to save favorites and even download to your mobile phone!

Impress that client you bump into somewhere by running a quick pitch off your phone! Or review the latest conference presentations you missed while travelling!

This site is still a beta feature and might be a bit rough around the edges, so go ahead, play around with it and send us your feedback. You can even send us feedback from the mobile site. :)

View the full feature list and FAQs and get started right away.

Update: We’ve noticed that if you’re using Opera Mini that came pre-installed on your phone, the site still prompts you to install Opera Mini once more. This seems to be because the version of Opera installed is older and doesn’t seem to play nice with Yahoo! Blueprint (the framework we’ve used to build SlideShare Mobile)

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  • John

    I tried on my mobile…it is cool app..i am loving it

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  • Power Point Slide Shows

    Another great effort by SS team to bring the stuff on mobile too

    Thanks SS Team

  • Fosia

    Thanks of shairing good and useful detail. These detail are very lovely.

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  • Randal Rodriguz

    Damn, awesome website. I actually came across this on Yahoo, and I am happy I did. I will definately be coming back here more often. Wish I could add to the conversation and bring a bit more to the site, but am just absorbing as much info as I can at the moment.

    Thank You

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  • Alessandra

    embedded slideshare presentations are not supported on the iphone. Is this being worked on?

  • Simra India

    Nice Trick of Slide show on the mobile. I like this effort really appreciateable. Thanks for the post.

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    My husband will love this. He is an office guy busy and his partner is the power point. I think he already made a lot of it. This will certainly help him light his load at work especially when presenting.

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    Just visited the website. Its amazing! beautiful design and content.

  • Cem

    Hi, cannot access to the mobile site via the given web address. when you try to do it on iphone the page appears and says that the mobile page will be enabled when clicked on an slide (and it does). So you look for it through regular site and find the right slide and go mobile. Can’t see the whole mobile interface. Is there a reconstruction for mobile view? Thanx ss.

  • anum lara

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