SlideShare takes over YouTube

Well, kind of. Many presentations have video in them. Some presentations are shared as video. Sometimes there is a demo that you might want to embed into your presentation. Sometimes its a movie clip.

Starting today you can embed YouTube videos into SlideShare! Yes, its really easy. After uploading your video, go to “Edit” and choose the Edit YouTube video tab. Choose the slide and paste the embed code for the video. We will add a slide in that spot with the video embedded.

You can embed multiple videos into the slide. But please be gentle. This is in Beta.

For FAQs, examples & other details, check out this page

What can you do with it.
– Add a movie clip into your presentation to illustrate a point
– Create a presentation which is compilation of multiple videos (maybe its the talks from five speakers at a conference)
– Just embed a talk. If you have a video talk and want to share on SlideShare, just embed a slide.

Bert Decker, the well known communications expert has used this feature to do a commentary on Obama’s inauguration speech.

TechCrunch wrote about this feature here:

22 Responses to “SlideShare takes over YouTube”

  1. Brad James

    Great post. I can’t believe how much slideshare has grown and can support business. I ended up finding a great embeded video on Joomla training via slideshare.

    I haven’t been able to replicate the embeding though.
    I’ll be back

  2. Jasmine

    Are more features going to be added?I started using for uploading my presentations since they offer multi-media features slideshare does not.

  3. Suresh Sambandam

    This is good. But what I need is a side by side view of a Slide and a YouTube Video. More like synchronizing the slide with the video. Similar to your slidecast feature.

  4. youtube

    […] quería haberla publicado con los vídeos de YouTube incrustados, pero por lo visto está en una versión beta que tan solo permite incluir un máximo de 5 vídeos. Por lo que la solución ha sido incluir una