The Financial Crisis: A Historical Perspective wins the Credit Crisis contest!

We apologize for the delay in announcing these results but they’re here finally! We’ve seen some amazing presentations from many participants, unfortunately we have to announce only 3 prize winners.

Our judges have spent some time looking through all the top entries and here are the ones they chose as best.

First Place

The best presentation in the contest and winner of an iPod Touch is “The Financial Crisis: An Historical Perspective” by Chris Hulls

What the judges had to say: “good, accurate, strong, good history”

Second Place

The second place presentation which wins an iPod nano is “The Crisis 101” by Pbycall

What the judges had to say: “Accurate, good ideas, good ending”

Third Place

An iPod shuffle and the third place is awarded to “Cooking up an International Global Finance Catastrophe” by TheKaiser

What the judges had to say: “Funny, very cute, effective and direct”

You can view other presentations on the contest entries page.

Congratulations to all the winners, please be sure to have up to date contact information in your SlideShare profiles so we can contact you! :)

36 Responses to “The Financial Crisis: A Historical Perspective wins the Credit Crisis contest!”

  1. dave

    ovberall it shows clearly that asian nations will rise and potentially india will become the financil capital of the world.History repeats itself first as a farce then as a tragedy;US of A will have to learn that temporay elation will lead to deepened erosion and loss of moral confidence and most important the spirit that we can do this.With jobs becoming scarier qualifications narrowing morality plummetting let us be honest and acknowledge that India as as global power,quote Nostradamas prophecy

  2. financial crisis

    Irresponsible lending practices. Lending up to 110% of the purchase price of the assets, lending without down payment, allowing borrowers to have more than a 1/3 of their income going to their mortgage. Crazy loans like short term ARM, interest only loans.
    The problem with no down-payment mortgage is that the borrower has no equity into the house. If he cannot pay his mortgage he losses nothing or hardly nothing. It’s like renting. Lending practices need to be clean up and lending requirement need to be tighter.

  3. Economic Articles

    It will take years to recover economy but it totally depend how governements handle the situation. Government should reduce taxes and announce incentives to investors to recover from financial crisis.

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  10. Sarah Droid

    It is true we could debate this forever. It will take years for the economy to recover but I think it is the government to blame. Trying to stimulate the economy by making people want to borrow and spend… when that is what got us in the mess in the first place… isn’t going to help. I think cutting taxes and getting people back into employment and new businesses is the best.

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    Going through your work has given me more faith in things to come. I thank you for allowing me to see a new light. Go on doing what you do as it touches more people than you know.

  12. Darin

    It is unfortunate that the little guy(middle class) is suffering while the greedy prosper. Hopefully this crisis will weed some greedy ones out.