Go & Get yourself a SlideShare Presentation Pack!

We are excited to launch this amazing widget called SlideShare Presentation Pack. This widget will let you display a collection of presentations on your blog (from your tags, groups or events). Very useful for consultants (showcase your expertise), speakers (all your talks in one), conference organizers (a whole conference session/track in one)! Just customize and grab the code.

The settings allow you to choose from a variety of feeds – Featured, Most Viewed, Most downloaded, by group/event, by a specific tag et al. And there are two layout options- the standard “Landscape” and the “Portrait” for blogs with narrow widths..

To get a pack for yourself, go to the widgets page.

Examples below:



The icing on the cake: The Presentation Pack is inspired by a prototype that was built by Chris Heilmann (a UK based SlideShare user and a web hacker in his own rights). Thanks a ton, Chris, for sharing this with the community!

1 Response to “Go & Get yourself a SlideShare Presentation Pack!”

  1. Gary

    I’ve tried Presentation Pack multiple times.

    After creating my Pres Pack and, copying the embed code and embedding in a page, all I can get is a presentation pack that’s NOT the one I previewed but a random collection of Slideshares.

    So who wants that? Thus I’m thinking I must be doing something wrong but if I copy an embed code of the previewed pres pack and it looks correct, what else can I possibly do to get a pres pack of the slideshares I want?