New Features: File size increased to 100MB and speaker notes in presentations,

We just rolled out a bunch of new features & enhancements.

File Size 100 MB: Now you can upload files upto 100 MB in size. Woot! This is a 100% increase in the allowed size (earlier it was 50MB).

Speaker notes in Presentations : This has been one of our most requested features till date… now speaker notes in the presentation will be captured and displayed in the comments section. You will have to upload the ppt/odp file for this (not pdf). This should help many speakers who have valuable accompanying commentary in the notes section… this now gets shared with the audience as well. Screenshot below:

SlideShow page clean up:
The slideshow page has been cleaned up a bit to reduce clutter; some of the GUI elements have been reorganised.

Tell us how you liked these changes.

2 Responses to “New Features: File size increased to 100MB and speaker notes in presentations,”

  1. SRINI

    I welcome all the new features.
    esp the one that can stop spamming by pvt msgs! I hv been a victim of it several times making it difficult to share my mail id with the world!

    I wd request that contacts are added only on approval as otherwise this also tends to be misused. After being friends is a two way processes. Makes the process slow but helps from being misused.

    A long standing request og mine has been allow the mailing list to be ordered in some way = alphabetically for instance. makes sharing easier. What we have is good but at times is a put off. have some consideration for lazy guys like me! LOL!