Question- How do you record your slidecast audio?

We are compiling a bunch of suggestions (quick tips) about Slidecasting in order to smoothen the process of creating an audio file and synching it to the slide deck.

I have a question to our users who are creating slidecasts– if your audio is a recorded talk or commentary, how are you doing it? I mean, are you recording it on your computer using the windows voice recorder, or using audacity? If you are recording it live during the event, do you use a portable voice recorder (i.e. Olympus & Sony have these), or maybe a mobile phone, a camera, or some other instrument thereof. How much does it cost to procure such a recorder, where can you buy it… those kind of questions. Please let us know in the comments section for this post… we are going to compile this and put it on slideshare.

Any other tips, tricks, suggestions about slidecasting, recording audio, synching it etc are welcome.. we are all ears … we want to improve the slidecasting experience.

2 Responses to “Question- How do you record your slidecast audio?”

  1. Gaurav Gupta

    Some amateur tips :)

    For slidecasts created on the computer, say like a audio-video tutorial or a photo slideshow with music, I could record my sound using a mic and then edit (if necessary) using Audacity or Sound Forge.

    For recording live presentations, probably record using a mobile phone voice recorder (but do not use the phone’s default app since that generally imposes a limit on recording times). Use a third party app, which are commonly available for Symbian and Windows Mobile based phones. If the mic picks up too much noise in the background, I think it’s a good idea to cleanup the sound later on and then use that.

    Does anyone know of a good place to upload files for free in such a way that the mp3 is accessible directly from the URL?

  2. jon


    The internet archives are a great place… its free, it supports creative commons and readily gives the mp3 url. Its easy to use as well