Another SlideShare plugin from the WordPress community!

Many SlideShare users are also WordPress users. In fact, SlideShare widgets are embedded into WordPress more than into any other social network. I am constantly amazed by the enthusiasm of the WordPress community. Joost de Valk has made it even more easy to embed SlideShare widgets into He noticed that we offer a special embed code for users. His new plugin allows users to use that same embed code. Just install this plugin and then you can use the embed code to embed a SlideShare widget.

18 Responses to “Another SlideShare plugin from the WordPress community!”

  1. Robert Werz

    I am a regular WordPress user and I use several plug ins for my task.This will be another assistant I hope.Thank you for sharing this plugin with us.

  2. Ian

    This looks like a really nifty plugin. I too run a few wordpress blogs and any plugin that makes life easier is a welcome addition. Very cool.

  3. Debbie

    I’m a new user at WordPress. I should try this one. Never thought that I could have slideshare embedded at my wordpress blog. Thanks for the info!

    at: http//

  4. Surrey Wedding Photographer

    I run my blog on Word Press – absolutely love it.

    WordPress rules in the CMS and blogging market – the fact that it is open source and allows developers the ability to create fab plug-ins like the Slideshare means that it’s a true winner for us the user.

    I just love the whole WP community; everyone wants to help everyone and as a result WordPress as a product is so rich in it’s plug ins, and that ensures that we have so much choice and flexibility in creating and evolving our websites/blogs.

    Keep up the goodwork slideshare, love your products!

  5. Robert

    Sorry about this, but how do you embed this plugin? I usually let my brother handle plugin(s) installation, but I do want to know how to install plugins.

    Can anyone help me?

  6. David W

    I’m not much of a WordPress user unfortunately, but I know my way around blogs and help a few friends out with their content. I will definitely pass this on to them!

    David W.
    Writer, EnviroSelects

  7. judy

    Thank you so much for sharing this plug in. I use wordpress and any plug in I can get is very helpful.

  8. Sara

    Ive been a huge fan of this plugin and Joost for a long time.

    Joost seriously has some of the coolest info. for anything WordPress related.

  9. Villa

    “Sorry about this, but how do you embed this plugin? I usually let my brother handle plugin(s) installation, but I do want to know how to install plugins. Can anyone help me?”

    Just go to your Dashboard/Plugins and click on “add new”. Type slideshare in the search box and click on “search plugins”

    Choose your plugin and click on “install now”

    Simples :-)

  10. art

    I think that this technology may be just what I need to help with my business, so where can I find out more?

  11. Toni Eatros

    I have my blog supported by WordPress and I’m not using its features for now. In fact, I’m editing a post this time and I searched for cool stuffs to be put on my blogs. WP indeed is an awesome site for blog market and most of the blogger I met are using WP that is why I am convinced to focus on using WP as my blogsite. Regarding the plugins, can you teach me how to install this in my WP? Usually I just ignore it but today I guess site content attracts the readers more, that’s why I’m working on it.

  12. Brad Richards

    @ Villa: Thanks so much for the tip, I know it wasn’t really meant for me but I did have the same dilemma as Robert. Incorporating the slideshare widgets ought to make it easier for my blogging team. I’m really new to WP, because previously, I always had some help building up my other sites. Wish me luck.

    Admin, chess pieces