Run your own PowerPoint Karaoke with the open source SlideShare Karaoke randomizer!

So you have heard of Karaoke – when you sing along to the soundtrack of pop songs. The idea behind PowerPoint Karaoke is similar. Presenters present, but to other people’s slides. But it’s a little harder than karaoke, because the slides are randomly chosen! Go here for a great writeup of how to run your own ppt karaoke.

We have created a cool little toy for helping you use slideshows on SlideShare to run a ppt karaoke event. You enter a tag from slideshare. It grabs all creative-commons licensed slideshows for that tag. If the slideshows allow download of the original file, it shows that link. All you need are some volunteers for presenting.

The SlideShare Karaoke Randomizer is the first tool that uses our just-released API. We are open sourcing it so that you can use it as you like. Its available on our new API site SlideShareToys. And the code is available through Google code hosting. We will be adding other tools and toys using the SlideShare API. And if you are interested in using the SlideShare API, go ahead and sign up for an API key. If you build something with it, tell us and we will add a link to you!

The SlideShare Karaoke Randomizer will be used for the first time today at the Creative Commons Salon in San Francisco! We are told that pptkaraoke is more fun when there is beer involved. Or wine! We will be sure to report back with pictures.

Screenshots below



9 Responses to “Run your own PowerPoint Karaoke with the open source SlideShare Karaoke randomizer!”

  1. Pamela Fox

    I’ve been trying to use slideshare to get slides for a Karaoke session, but it’s hard to find good sets. I need to be able to filter by # of slides (15-30). I keep finding slides that are much too short. Thanks!

  2. Robert Lönn

    Cool idea!
    I love these new types of fast-food-sites-served-by-the-pool-with-no-effort-or-clicks.

    It is like listening to a radiostation instead of searching and playing song per song.

    I would love to get more parameters then just one tag in so that I canget better control.

  3. Derrick

    Apparently the tag support changed? The tool finds no slideshows tagged “web”. Your web interface does.

  4. Juegos

    This looks like a great concept. I’m glad the API is open source, I would be looking forward for more tools from you guys.

  5. Shannon Herold

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