Slideshare embeds on different blogging plaforms

We have heard from Slideshare users who have had problems embedding slideshows on, Myspace and LiveJournal. If you are using one of these platforms and have either successfully embedded a slideshow or experienced problems, can you please post a comment. We would like to hear from you. Information about failures on other blogging platforms is also welcome.

4 Responses to “Slideshare embeds on different blogging plaforms”

  1. Bill Gram-Reefer

    I am using a plugin “wpvideo” on wordpress 2.0.4 3K2 to publish youtube files as embedded flash video.

    You might want to ask someone to do same for slideshare.

  2. tanchik

    Yes! In line: ”‘.$player.’”

    correctly: ‘.$player.’

  3. mktanny

    hey m trying to get rid of my current theme but i want to keep the slideshow in der,i have tried like three times but m not able to use this plugin
    my website is- and i’ll really b glad if u help me.

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